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Use of my bases !

You CANNOT use my bases for commercial use that is :

adoptables, commissions, point commissions and anything else you make money or points with. Request being free , you can use them for request,gift and personal use only !

Even if you do not sell the lines of the bases you still use it to create something you are paid for, which I have to mention, completly wreck my nerves because you're making money with MY work I have submitted here for FREE and which are FREE to use.

If you gonna use a base for a commercial work, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE THIS IS NO PLACE fOR YOU.

I have enought of dealing with these, now if you use any of my ressources without following those rules ( they're are stipulated in the description of all my ressources, they're not here for dogs! ) :

_ Not crediting me.
_ Using for commercial use.

Let me remind you that if you get reported too often you're banned from DA :)

If you trace me (no ressources) without previous notice and permission given from me, you will also be reported !

Have a good day 0v0

PS: I forgot to say that since I have enough of this, I will not submit any other bases anymore >0w0<

Commissions Fidelity Card !

1 commission = 1 :star:
5 :star: = A gift drawing :… 1 character & no background.
1 :heart: = 5 :star:


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Thu Apr 9, 2015, 12:58 PM
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Let's start with the subject of both contest :

YOU CAN JOIN BOTH CONTEST but only win one
DEADLINE : 10th MAY 2015

"The Phoenix Sonata" , a short fantasy novel of mine :)
You're aim will be to draw / write about the 3 main characters :
Phoena : Phoena by rika-dono ( Please don't change her design )
Kathy : Kathy by rika-dono ( You can add details to her cape only )
Rain : Need a name for him by rika-dono ( You can add FEW details to his outfit )

Formal outfit for Phoena and Kathy : Kathy and Phoena + Process by rika-dono , Rain doesn't have a formal outfit so if you wish you can design one for him but please keep his " scarf " thing :)

Here is the first clean chapter :  The Phoenix Sonata - Chapter 1Welcome to our world ! Blissed with magical essence, here live many kinds you would consider Legends or myths, and for now in peace.
A truly enchanting world, leaves are tinted in an incandescent orange peculiar to autumn, reflecting the rim light of the sun falling beyond the horizon.
And I'm here, looking at this marvelous scenary, sitting on a twirling cloud seeking for a shelter to spend the night and rest from my long travel.
Who am I ? Good question, my name is Phoena and although I seem to be Phoenix, I'm not exactly one...
There, between some crooked trees in the forest bellow, seem to be a ruined house. Desperate to rest and Artemis starting to show herself I decide to get down my cloud and go take a look.
It is amazingly dusty, probably abandonned for decennies, with the wall slowly falling appart and a crooked unstable looking bed, still let's try i- *crash*
P: Of course it'd fall apart, stupid !
Damned !
From the point I've fallen, I can notice a small box. I

You can find the 4 firsts chapters here : To "catch " their personality.
Some other refs :
Phoena and kathy by rika-dono Rain Hartcliff + CONTEST IS UP by rika-dono Bienvenue au club ! by rika-dono Korean inspired sunset by rika-dono

!!! Important !!!

Phoena as an interest in Rain but she doesn't realize it.
Kathy as an interest in Phoena but if you've read the chapters you already know that.
Rain is friggin' SLOW and DENSE.

"Interest" means a romantic interest :) 


Rules :

- You can draw as many entries as you want.
- At least 1 character. ( obvious )
- Digital or traditional
- COLORED ! or shaded.
- NO tracing, No base ect...
- No mature Content ( but sexy is okay, you know I like pin-ups XD )
- Background is optional
- All style : chibi, manga, anime, realist, semi-realist ... accepted


1st Prize :
    - 400pts
    - 1 clean sketch + flats DRAWING : Prima - Design by rika-dono Fullbody.
    - 1 Sketchy fullbody : CM : FB Sketchy 2 by rika-dono
    - 1 Chibi : CM : Chibi by rika-dono

2nd Prize :
    - 200pts
    - A sketchy fullbody
    - 1 Chibi

3rd Prize :
    - 100pts
    - 1 sketchy fullbody OR 1 chibi


I realize I'm not good at writing so I'll judge you on how well, as a reader and not as a writer, I can "dive" into your story :) 

Rules :

- You can enter as many times as you want.
- No mature Content
- Can feature only one character if you wish :)
- Their past isn't clearly established so you have a lot of liberties but please keep the element stated in the chapters.
- At least one page of OpenOffice equivalent XD ( my chapters are 1 page long each )
- You can't kill the characters But you can "harm" them XD
- Poem ok :)

As I am French, I will prefer if it's easily understandable :) But don't worry I'm fluent and if I can read Sherlock Holmes in English, I should be able to read yours. What I have problem with is slang :)


1st Place : 
    - 400pts 
    - 1 clean sketch + flats DRAWING
- A sketchy fullbody
    - 1 Chibi

2nd Place :
    - 200pts
- A sketchy fullbody
    - 1 Chibi

3rd Place :
    - 100pts
  - 1 sketchy fullbody OR 1 chibi

I think your starting to know me with all the contests I've previously held.
If I get lots of entries, I add more prizes.

If I get 30entries in 1 of the contests ( drawing or writing ) I will add a Public choice award :)
Less than 5entries means cancelling ad less than 10 entries means diminished prizes.

Thank you for Reading 0v0


Kathy1 by Ptorcja Contestentry by BrightlyShine


To Rise, First You Must Burn :: PART I                  'To rise, first you must burn.'
                  Part I
    "Have you ever seen the sea--?"  Kathy's voice carries an interesting lilt, it's musical in a way, nearly shrill.  Suited very much to her cattish nature.  Phoena glances up at the inquiry.  The Faerie is facing away from the Phoenix, and in the dim light of the fire, Phoena can see the fur of her cloak.  (Idly, she notes to herself that it looks soft.) With that note in mind, she turns her attention back to the fire she's nursing to roaring life.  
    "Why?" She answers, noncommital and short.
     "I wanna see the ocean.  You're a bird, right Phoena?  You've traveled a lot-- have you seen the ocean?  Have you seen what's beyond the ocean...?"  And the pale silver tail swishes against the grass, her knees tucked up agai
  The Phoenix Sonata contest entryCloudy days
  I don’t like cloudy days. Most people don’t I guess. I like it when it rains, which may be surprising for a phoenix, but I do. The rain nourishes the land, washes away the dirt and dust, and leaves everything bright and vibrant. Walking in nature after a good rain storm is so refreshing, everything thriving under the sun, the scents and sights so fresh. But cloudy days are all the darkness without the nourishment.
  Kathy and Rain are out collecting supplies before we head to the next town. It’s so quiet without them. Kathy can’t seem to go five minutes without making some kind of comment or staking her claim to me, and Rain always feels he needs to clarify what we’re going to do next. It’s really annoying, but we’ve been traveling togeather long enough that I’m used to it.
  I wonder what it’ll be like when we go our separate ways. Less food for certain, no nice inns and quality supplie

Not counted as entries but as bonus:
( because they lack 1 critera from the rules )

In Fire, LIFEAnd in the fire I saw her face, 
Swirling, living, full of grace,
She danced for me, she lived, she flew,
And in the night she gave that up too, 
For come the morning her song would cry,
"I've given up, I've come to die"
But the Phoenix sighs, death is no strife,
No matter how many times, she comes back to life.





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