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Where can you find me ?

:new: Writings Account on DA : :iconrikaswritings: :new:

Facebook :…

Youtube :

Wysp :

Pixiv :…


Also a little reminder : I only take PERSONAL COMMISSIONS 0v0

Use of my bases !

You CANNOT use my bases for commercial use that is :

adoptables, commissions, point commissions and anything else you make money or points with. Request being free , you can use them for request,gift and personal use only !

Even if you do not sell the lines of the bases you still use it to create something you are paid for, which I have to mention, completly wreck my nerves because you're making money with MY work I have submitted here for FREE and which are FREE to use.

If you gonna use a base for a commercial work, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE THIS IS NO PLACE fOR YOU.

I have enought of dealing with these, now if you use any of my ressources without following those rules ( they're are stipulated in the description of all my ressources, they're not here for dogs! ) :

_ Not crediting me.
_ Using for commercial use.

Let me remind you that if you get reported too often you're banned from DA :)

If you trace me (no ressources) without previous notice and permission given from me, you will also be reported !

Have a good day 0v0

:new: Banned from using my bases for no respect of the terms of use :

:dev : is banned for selling adoptables 0^0


rika-dono has started a donation pool!
7,016 / 10,000
I use points for my premium membership and contests I hold about twice a year :)

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Been long since I last opened >v<
I'm gonna let some times passes ( a few hours ) before starting to accept commissions, to leave a chance to as many people as I can :)

Update : I reached my physical limit for that batch, I already accepted one more than I should've >^<


I always close commissions 4days ( maximum ) after opening them ( wether the slots are filled or not ) so be careful !

First are what I do and don't

DO :

_ Pin-up and Sexy.
_ Female Nude ok IF censored in some sort ( I won't draw blind nudity. )
If you're character happen to be nude like, a fairy, a mermaid ect ... I'm oepn to discussions.
_ Kemonos ( ears, tails and wings ) and half-creature.
What do I consider half-creature ? Fairies, mermaid, harpies ect ...
_ Shoujo-ai and Shonen-ai ( light )
_ Males and Females ( but I prefer drawing females. )


_ Strict Mature Content ( by DA tags )
_ FanartxOC couples
_ Mecha
_ Full Armors
_ Full Anthros / creatures.

_ I'll only change minor details to a finished product, so be clear on what you want from the start.
_ If I don't get the payment 48H after confirmation of the commission, your commission will be cancelled.
_ I don't take slots reservation !

_ PAYMENT METHOD : Only PAYPAL, payment in advance and leave your DA name on the payment plz. I would appreciate if you could pay the paypal fee that is indicated when you send the payment but you're free not to 0v0


Slot 1 : :iconshiningsiria: DONE
Slot 2 : :iconmoltentruros: DONE
Slot 3 : :iconorangenbluete: paid - DONE

Note me with the following information

_ subject : commission

_ Type :
_ Quantity :
_ Description : 

Heart Age, Height !!! ( if possible in cm I don't understand the foot/inches system )
Heart Body form : Hourglass, triangle, inverse triangle or rectangle.
Some Breasts and Hips - Sizes and Forms ( if you think it's necessary or I'll ask if I think it deserves more info. )
Personality/temper/caractère : aggressive, joyful, airhead, happy idiot, crybaby, gloomy.

Please keep the text clear, use simple word. I am fluent but don't forget I'm french ! French and English sentence's structures and grammar can be radically different and it can be difficult for me to understand sometimes.

So you have to be clear on what you want ! :) (Smile)

_ References : I don't work without refs or I'll consider it a character design and charge extras.


Painted Illustrations

Here my latests works as examples : Summer Fairy by rika-dono - Speedpaint below - Morgane : The Golden Witch by rika-dono Day 21 - Elise by rika-dono Daily Day 8 - Shiny Chariot by rika-dono Day 36 - Elegante by rika-dono Day 39 - Elizabeth by rika-dono

Portrait ( head-shoulders )= 15euros for 1 character / + 10 euros per extra characters
Halfbody ( head-hips )= 27euros for 1 character / + 25euros per extra characters
Fullbody ( head-toes) = 33euros for 1 character / + 30euros per extra characters

Specials :

Torso Painting ( from chin to hips ) = 15euros, 1character only.
Legs Painting ( from hips to toes ) = 13euros, 1character only.


Are commissioned with an illustration only and some charges might add up following the complexity of what is asked.

Backgrounds : 

Default : solid colors = Free
Patterns = 3euros
Accessories with transparent BG such as cameo frame, flowers are to be discussed with me.
Full BG also are to be discussed with me as it can go from a starry sky to a victorian library.

Designs :

Accessories like : Perfume Bottle and Dagger by rika-dono Royal Portrait Tiara by rika-dono Apocalypse - Revised Designs 2 by rika-dono( the staff only for the last )
Potion, bottle, charms = 3 to 5euros.
Jewelley : tiaras, brooch, earrings = 5 to 7euros.
Weapons : daggers, staff, swords, bow = 7 to 10euros.

Please do consider I'm not very experienced in accessories design commissions and so far only designed for my own use.

Fashion/Costumes/outfits :
Latest examples : Day 29 - Elegante by rika-dono A Summer Fairy - Completed by rika-dono The golden Witch - Design Sketch by rika-dono

They always be rough and not polished. I'll draw them first and wait for your approval before starting the illustration. Designs always changes a bit between concept and illustration stages.

Starting price = 8euros / +6euros for a back view.
You may commission several design at once for 1 illustration BUT only for the same character.

Fidelity Offer

Start with January 2015. ( will be cleared the 1st January 2016 )

    I have a repertory with the name of each of you who commissionned me.
Each time you commission me you get a Star!( all together or one by one ) . Example :
Commission : 1 portrait = 1 Star!
Commission : 1 portrait + 2 chibis = 3 Star! 

Get 5 Star! and you will get a free pixel like this : Cm : Pixel 9 by rika-dono , 1 character and no background.
This style isn't available as commission, it is exclusive to this offer :) (Smile)
ADOPTABLES DOESN'T COUNT in the star system !

Here is what you agree for if you commission me:

I know it might be a pain but this is to protect myself from scam and frauds, I hope you'll understand.
Don't worry it's only the basic 0v0

Star! I reserve the right to decline any commission request without question.

Star! I reserve the full rights to the image and it's use/distribution unless otherwise agreed upon (if I ever make prints but I have near to 0 chances to do so).

Star! I reserve the right to display commissioned pieces on my website(s) or DeviantART gallery. If you do not want your commission displayed for whatever reason, please tell me beforehand.

Star! Once a piece is commissioned, you may use it for any personal use that you please, including but not limited to icons, signatures, layouts, wallpapers, themes and personal site display, with credits. You may not, however, claim the work to be your own or set it up for redistribution. I continue to reserve the rights to the artwork, you may not use it for any external projects (commercial or non-commercial). If you are looking for something to redistribute, use for your game, represent your comic, use as an ad banner, sell or show at conventions, etc, speak to me. 

If you are not sure whether your request counts as personal or otherwise, feel free to ask me about it's intended use.

Star! I reserve the rights to all redesigns of characters within commissions, including redesign/alter outfits, hairstyles, etc (basically anything that you did not create or include in your original reference images). I won't make any change if I feel it is not needed. I won't do it for free as your own demand.

Star! Regular commissions are NOT to be used for things like book illustrations, covers or any other publishing without expressed written permission (whether you make a profit or not). They cover non-commercial use ONLY including non-profit making projects such as free online games. You may not make prints of my work to sell. I still hold legal rights to the art, commissioning me means agreeing to these terms. 

This includes but is not limited to: Book illustrations, game illustrations/concepts, adoptables/petsite pets and so forth. If you wish to have me illustrate something like this, or use my art in a commercial project it will fall under professional commissions and must be discussed with me beforehand. However I usually do not accept professional offers.

Star! I will not begin the piece until I have received payment, once I have received payment, I can update you on the production of the piece ( if asked ).

Star! All commissions are non refundable.


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